Tuesday Truths Column

I am hoping to find some time to rebuild this blog site starting with a Tuesday Truth column.

Drop a comment about what you would like to hear me talk about. My everyday lifestyle of raising 5 boys, the last 8 years, the 4 most memorable Aprils, the next 11 years, raising 5 boys during a pandemic while in grad school, my journey to finding myself, an airplane ride home from Vegas, mental health, a dog named Frank, my everyday emotions in the here and now, white privilege and my acculturation process in the African American community, communication styles and techniques, therapeutic writing and journaling, in Heaven’s Rocking Chair devotional, friends who are my key to success, my loud obnoxious German- Catholic upbringing, sisterhood, motherhood, grief grief and more grief, love and laughter, my awesome husband, my anxiety, or how I stay sane through it all.

Tell me what you would like to hear, follow my blog, and stay tuned.

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