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I write and speak and raise 5 boys. What else is there to do?

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Mom, Mentor, Motivator

Chapter 1 Part 2

MASTERFUL PLANS MY PLANS, that is not my life anymore! NOT MY PLANS, BUT GOD’S PLANS. After my 30th birthday, I promised myself that I would attempt to become Momma. That birthday came way too fast. So, on my 30th birthday, I partied like it was the last time I would ever party. I invited … Continue reading Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1 Part 1

Graceful Awakening FEAR, that is not my life anymore! Surrender One night long ago, a graceful awakening happened (Before I tell you the rest of the story, I want you to know I am writing this book as if I am speaking to my best friend). Hold on tight, I am about to take you … Continue reading Chapter 1 Part 1

Bonding While Waiting

Fifteen years ago, I found myself living at my mother’s house. WAITING. I was 23 years old and going through a divorce. I was waiting to give birth to my twin girls. I had left my ex-husband in my first trimester after I found out he was cheating. My baby girls, Brooklyn and Madalyn, were two very active … Continue reading Bonding While Waiting

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